How To Become A Training Course Provider

SAATCA Criteria

CRT 6 12 Criteria for Certification Training Course Providers

CRT 6 13 Criteria for FSM Training Course Material

CRT 6 19 Certification Criteria for OHSAS training Course

Standard Forms

SF122 Declaration of Conflict of Interest

SF129 Summary of Requirements for SAATCA Auditor Registration Black & White

SF130 Re-registration application for Training Course Providers

SF29 Code of Conduct – Auditors

SF47 Concession Form

SF48 Regulations Governing the use of the SAATCA Logo

SF55 Training Course Provider Fee Schedule

SF56 SAATCA Notifiable Changes

SF74 Application for Training course Provider Recognition


CPR 3 1 Processing Applications of TCP

CPR 3 2 Evaluation of Training Course Providers

CPR 3 3 Suspension and Withdrawal of TCP Approval